Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Cross-posting from SNS because I guess I really need to talk about this

I'm so ambivalent about dating. I'm really focused on my career, but I'm also feeling the loneliness creeping in. I've started feeling the urge to find companionship again, but it's so nice to never have to be concerned about sharing my time or my space. Getting used to working again is really draining, plus I hate online dating, so that's pretty much out. But it's also hard to see all my coworkers who have partners and kids (not that I want kids—I don't) and pretty full lives, while I'm focused on getting back on my feet. *Sigh* I hope I'm not a forever alone. I hope I can find some kind of balance.

Ugh. I accomplished one very tough goal with a lot of moving parts. Can't I just be happy and focus on that for awhile?


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