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Cross-posting, with a heads up to our NY state GT'ers that there is a petition for you to push this to the floor!

There’s an update to the great story written by Jia on the woman (Erika Christensen) who had to go out of the state to get a late-term abortion, after she & her husband were told by her doctors that their fetus had terminal abnormalities.

New story, by Prachi Gupta over at The Slot:


Erika and her husband Garin broke their silence & have become advocates working to change the law, so that others who recieve similar diagnoses don’t have to deal with the hoops, expense, and heartache they did.

Here is the comment Erika posted in the comment section of Prachi’s new story:

And here are the links to their website:


And the petition itself, over on tge NYCLU website:


You need to be a New Yorker, so if you are, and you support an update to allow these desperately-needed changes to your state law, please go sign on to support it!

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