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Welcome To The Bitchery

In my neighborhood, there is a lot of work being done on arterials leading to Aurora and so quite often I try to cross between crossing lights. I checked for traffic in either direction, saw that it was going to be close so I stepped off the curb with the intent of running across the street. Something went seriously south and I ended up splayed out, face down in the middle of the lane. I popped up, nodded my thanks to the driver who did not run me down and got out of the street. But I was also seriously trying to figure out what happened and how to improve. First thing I noticed is that there was a water grate where I stepped off meaning my foot went 2 inches deeper than expected and with my already accelerating body could not correct and I went down. My first thought is that I blew the fall; I should have tucked into a shoulder roll and come up still running. Instead my whole body was splayed out which seemed bad; but since there were not tears in my flesh or clothes - no broken bones, not even abrasions on the palms of my hands.

So I did not fall as well as I expect myself to but I seemed have fallen in an adequate manner to prevent damage. I used to perform tumbling/gymnastics for basketball half-time entertainment in high school, I took Judo, Karate, and soccer in college. I studied TaiChi and qigong - I should have fallen different/better I guess it has been too long since I practiced falling. I really should have tucked into a shoulder roll and come up running.


I did not break anything, wasn't run over, and got right up and off the road so it was not a complete failure. I know that I will have a charlie horse on my right calf so might spend some time tomorrow (crap, later today) in a sauna and possibly get a deep tissue massage.

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