One of NBC's summer dramas is "Crossing Lines," about a group of crimefighters based in The Hague. You have your former NYC detective (William Fichtner, kinda creepy), plus an assortment of European police INCLUDING JAQEN H'GHAR. I may have burned his image into my TV screen by pausing on him for so long, the delicious Tom Wlaschiha. Oh, plus Donald Sutherland, as the sage/father figure, because of course.

They had a two-hour pilot. It was not bad! It was also not great, but of course the pilot had to do a lot of setup, a task which will be out of the way soon enough. And the characters are pretty stereotypical โ€” the technical German (Jaqen!!), the fiery Italian, the cool Brit, the suave Frenchman, the bare-knuckle-fighting Irish Traveller; that all seems a little too easy. I'm concerned that the American audience may not be into watching something not set here, so it wouldn't surprise me if it gets cancelled. But I'll give it a couple more episodes, hopefully it'll hit its stride.

Did any of you see this? Are you hitting up any other summer shows? I already bailed on Under the Dome (stopped watching when the cow was perfectly bisected โ€” come on). I'll give Siberia a try, maybe. I'm waiting for Covert Affairs to return later this month. What else is worth watching this summer?