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Crowd Source Request - Cheap, sweet wine that won't kill me

So, okay, I've developed a serious wine snobbery problem. (Developed... enhanced... potato, potahto.)

I'm going to my weekly wine and video gaming dinner with my SIL and a mutual great friend, but said friend only drinks sweet sweet sweet stuff. I'm bringing the wine this week, and all previous attempts to show how amazing a true French rose is or how light an unoaked Cali Chard can be have fallen on their faces. As I cannot palate the sweeter stuff in general, I need suggestions for cheap, sweet wine that will (hopefully) not cause me to have a fit of gagging convulsions and is also large format (1.5 L). (For the record, I've never really enjoyed sweet + booze unless it's coffee + Bailey's and that's rare.)


I'd love to aim toward less "Moscato" and more Sauternes, but Sauternes is often a) expensive and b) doesn't come in a 1.5 L. Stupid fancy French and their delicious wines.

Booze hounds, help me!

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