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Does anybody else get weirdly stymied by relatively small/easy decisions? The big and important stuff isn’t this hard. I look at my options and decide. But little, piddling, inconsequential stuff? I dither and debate and founder. It’s weird.

Anyhow. I’m going to start knitting a Gramps soon for myself. I think I’m going to use Berroco vintage (unless anybody has any better suggestions for a worsted weight yarn that’s good for sweaters)


So I’m just crowdsourcing color combos. I can’t decide if I want to go classic (oxblood and grey! Navy and cream! Black and white!) Super bold or...I dunno. Which is why I’m crowd sourcing.

Also, as an aside. I finally have gotten my feet up under me after GT helped me out last year. If somebody could remind me how to donate to the emergency fund, I’d like to give back some😃

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