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Crowd sourcing: Fleas

Maybe someone remembers this little turd that moved in with us in January?

He's not really too much of a turd. Anyway, it's summer in Texas and apparently our neighborhood is super extra buggy. The people at PetCo told me to wash him in Dawn dish soap and then apply Frontline when he was all dry. That worked for about three weeks. I waited another week so I wouldn't over medicate him, then did it all again. He haaaates baths, struggles like hell, but doesn't bite or scratch! I lucked out! Anyway, it's only been a week and I've already started seeing flea flecks and spotted a couple bugs. I've read some stuff online, but I want to know from you guys if there's a magic secret that actually works. I would love for him to be an inside cat, but I don't really think that will work out. He's only a little over a year old and our house is pretty damn small, we can't contain his energy. He's been out for a couple days, I don't want to get fleas in the furniture, but he's like this:


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