Ok, I suck at picking costumes for men. I also never had to because, well, I'm a woman.

So New Boy needs a costume as we're probably going to a Halloween party at a bar on Friday and our friends are having a costume party on the 2nd. But he doesn't know what to be! Hmmm.

For reference, he's short-ish (like 5'7"), hefty and has a glorious beard. Basically when his hair was long he looked like Silent Bob (and was Silent Bob for Halloween for years). But he does not have long hair anymore so that won't work. He was Batista from Dexter last year (he actually looks oddly like him...I recently realized this).

Give me your thoughts Jezzies! What were your man-friends/what will they be for Halloween? We're not doing a couple costume (I'm going to be a witch because I'm the most creative person in the world) so it's all him.



Side note, it's absolutely freezing in my apartment right now. It's not even that cold out. What is this nonsense.