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Crowd sourcing poll: contact or not?

Because I suck at these kind of things...

I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of the store getting ready to leave. I glanced up and over, and the man in the car next to me made the "roll down your window" sign. I rolled down the window, and he asked if he could give me his card. Being confused, was this a guy trying to sell something? what did he want? I said sure. He got out of his car, came over handed me his card, gave his name, said he was from X city and new to the area, and backed away from my window saying if you would like to go out, give me a call.

My response was a mumbled, okay, thanks.

He didn't creep me out, didn't approach me and get in my space without permission, remained respectful and didn't try to stand there making conversation or get any information out of me. It wasn't the normal icky street harassment crap.


I don't care much for someone deciding they want to go out with someone based solely on their looks (he couldn't know anything about my personality as we hadn't spoken), but do I cut him some slack and contact him? Give him a shot? I know nothing about him either other than where he works and his job title. I am not invested either way.

Up or down votes. :)

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