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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey Hivemind, I need Halp.

My two year anniversary is coming up. (Quick aside: It's only been two years?! WTF. It feels like twice as long.) And I don't know what to get WomBear as a gift. I didn't get him anything last year, but he got me really beautiful earrings. He said it was fine and it wasn't like we had discussed gifts or anything.
But I think it's fine in that way that you can't be angry but that you did actually really want something.


So here is the deal:
-We live in a small one bedroom that is already filled with things. We don't need more things that aren't directly useful and I know he is adamant about that.

-I don't want to get him books for reasons, or records. I'm the record collector in the house since he can't seem to be bothered to buy a physical version of any of his music.

-He likes art, drawing, music, maps, liquor and biking. He also likes skirts, lingerie and nail polish.

-We are trying to do experience gifts for everything. So dinner, shows, taking the other to a play or a museum. For Christmas I booked a January ski trip and we had a weekend in Squamish. Buuuut, we are both volunteering for a music festival the weekend of our anniversary, so we'll already be experiencing something together.


So, all that said, here are my ideas so far:
-Dinner out at a nice place where we have to dress fancy.
-Try to find a show he might be interested in (Harder because we're already going to be musiced out.)
-Buy him some play toys that we have been looking at online. What is the etiquette on buying your significant other sex toys for an anniversary? Is this alright? Or is it too gauche?
-Picnic on the Beach the week after (This might actually be nice because we had a picnic on the beach the night we first slept together. I was so nervous about it I got high and forgot the utensils at home, but I did make some damn fine carnitas and salad.)

And that is it. The end of my list. I seriously have no idea what to get this kid. And I am the type of person who gets so frustrated about picking between two restaurants that I will just not eat at either and go to bed hungry to avoid making the decision. So I really don't want to leave this the last minute and end up doing nothing at all.



Oh, and some Gifs for your time!


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