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Crowdsourcing a question: transgender bathrooms

Some of the conservatives and gender essentialists in my life and on my social media are concerned about the possibility of sexual predators pretending to be trans in order to go into women’s restrooms in order to assault or harass women or children.

I am not quite as worried about this. I am pretty sure if more states pass bills allowing trans persons the use of the appropriate bathroom, it will still be illegal for sexual predators to pretend to be trans in order to access certain bathrooms. And, on information and belief, I am aware trans persons encounter high rates of assault and other forms of victimization. I imagine the chances of a trans person being assaulted for using the so-called “right” bathroom (the one that matches their sex assigned at birth) are probably a lot higher than the chances of a woman or child being assaulted by a predator pretending to be trans.


That said, I have had trouble locating concrete examples of trans persons being victimized in those or similar circumstances. I can understand a few reasons why those cases might not be reported, but regardless, it would be easier to argue why these protections for trans persons are necessary with more facts to back myself up. Is anybody aware of any cases or good resources to go to for more info on the subject?

I have found two cases of cisgender women with masculine appearances being forcibly ejected from women’s bathrooms at restaurants for not looking like women, despite having their photo IDs on them. One is from New York City in 2007 and the other from Detroit in 2015. This isn’t exactly what I’m looking for, though.

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