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Crowdsourcing a White Button-Down

I finally settled on being Mary Poppins for Halloween, in part because I don’t have to buy much for it. However, it turns out that I’m an adult woman who owns exactly one white button down and it has short sleeves, sparkly buttons, ruffles, and a very un-nannylike neckline.

Since it would be nice to own a plain white button-down shirt anyway, I figure this is worth buying for my costume. However, I have no idea where one finds good basics like this. I’ll try to get to a thrift store at some point this weekend, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to, and if so whether or not they’ll actually have anything good in my size. So I’m doing what I always do: asking Groupthink!


Mary’s has a ruffly collar, but I figure I’m more likely to both find and rewear something with a normal collar, so I’ll go with that (unless I find something perfect and ruffly for cheap somewhere). Requirements/preferences:

  • solid white or maybe a very subtle textured pattern
  • long sleeves
  • somewhat fitted
  • opaque-ish—ideally I’d be able to wear it to work with just a bra underneath, though I know that’s probably asking a lot; at the very least, if I have to wear a tank underneath, I want it to be pretty hard to tell
  • under... $30? Let’s go with $30, because I swear I’m an adult who can spend more than $15 on a shirt without feeling guilty
  • obviously, needs to be something I can get soon (next Thursday at latest)

As always, thank you in advance. I may be going to bed soonish, but I wanted to get this up in case I need to go shopping tomorrow and I promise I’ll read responses in the morning!

ETA: I’m more concerned with being able to rewear the shirt than having it be a perfect match for the costume. Unless it costs less than $5, I’m probably not buying something with a ruffly collar. Also, as noted, I’ll try to get to a thrift store but most of the cheap ones in the DC area are in places that are at least an hour away (metro + metro +bus) from me.

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