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Hey GTers,

With my anxiety, I rethink almost constantly every conversation I have with people. This can be in person, over text/facebook/chat, it doesn’t matter the channel. It’s relentless. If I’ve ever spoken to you or interacted with you, chances are great that I’ve spent mental energy analyzing what I said.

I know the root of it comes from my perfectionism, but what I’d like to know has anyone been successful in eliminating this type of thinking/rumination? Or maybe even quieting it down? And how did you do it?


I’ve tried distracting myself, meditating, just sitting with the discomfort of analyzing everything, but those things seem to be temporary solutions that also take a large amount of mental energy. (Also, I’m in therapy and take medications to help with depression and anxiety). 

Basically, I exhaust myself most days by worrying about anything I’ve said or trying to not worry.

Now that my depression has lifted, this worrying has become more apparent.

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