I'm allergic to wheat. And corn. I can still have soy, so if I'm reading correctly, that means I am not gluten intolerant - I just can't tolerate a lot of grains.

This doesn't really come as a surprise. After a year of digestive issues, weird muscle issues, and even weirder brain-function issues, this made the most sense.

Unfortunately, nutrition isn't a thing that was big in the Fluter household. In adulthood, I've picked up some basics. I eat more fresh fruits and vegetables than my family of origin, and I eat a lot less processed food than I did growing up. (I still eat some. I'm lazy. Sue me.)

This isn't gonna fly anymore, guys. Everything has corn in it. Everything. No more pastas. No more PB&J. No more beers. (Only potato vodkas.)

It's cool. I was thinking of all the stir frys I could make, and then I discovered soy sauce has one of the no-no ingredients in it. I can get a gluten free version, but it just goes to show that's another freaking thing I didn't even think of.

Can you guys recommend resources? Simple, clear ones? Until the wheat and corn get out of my system, I'm going to continue to be a little simple.

I'm going to have my last taste of candy corn, possibly ever, and then the cleanse begins. Any suggestions you have are appreciated.