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Crowdsourcing Dinner Ideas

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So I'd like to make dinner for poor Fellow who's hard at work all day, found out this morning from his doctor that his knee is just going to hurt forever (sucks to be 30!), and has been putting up with his stoned girlfriend who was supposed to be visiting and having fun times but instead made him go to the ER and is more interested in her heating pad and pain pills than having the sexy times.


I thought I'd walk to the Ralph's that's only a block or so away and make him yummy foods to come home to after work. There are like three chicken breasts in the fridge, but I could easily buy something else. He has no preferences. So, what to do?

Chicken enchiladas? Chicken tetrazzini? Baked chicken in sherry with paprika? What sounds good? I'm in no mental or physical state for decision making, and I trust y'all.

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