Hivemind, HALP!

So I'm going to be a witch for Halloween, because I'm the most creative person ever. I don't feel like putting on the costume to show you a picture, because I'm lazy. But basically it includes: (everything black) corset, dress w/ a long sleeved lace shirt under it, lace thigh-highs, combat boots (why not), and a velvet hat w/ lace accents. So all black, lots of lace.

What's left to figure out is makeup and hair. Hmmm.

For those of you who haven't seen pictures of me and/or me in person, I have very long (mid-back length) black hair. Naturally it's pretty curly/wavy. First question - should I leave it wavy or straighten in for this? GIVE ME YOUR THOUGHTS ON MY HAIR. It's staying down regardless.

Second question - what makeup do I do?! I don't wear lipstick ever, so I'm sticking to eye makeup. And glitter. There will be glitter. I'm also pretty good at doing eye makeup so we can go kind of crazy here. I was thinking of just some thick-ass eyeliner, but I want to do something fun! If this matters, I have pale olive skin and brown eyes.

Halp me GT!