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Will I die/get super sick if I eat them? I boiled a whole bunch last night and like a dunce left them in a pot of cold water overnight in the sink.

The internet seems to be split into "NOOOOO, THEY'RE POISON!!!" and "They're fine. Shut up and eat the delicious hard boiled yumminess." I thought about Easter eggs and how I've literally left them out, unrefrigerated, all day and then was like, "Wait...have I been exposing myself to possible salmonella poisoning and I've just been lucky to never get sick?" But lots of other people do that too, right?

I don't want to throw away a dozen and a half eggs but I'm super paranoid about eating things that could possibly make me horribly sick. I figure you all will be more level headed than the general internet public.


UPDATE: Thank you for assuaging my paranoid fears! EGG SANDWICHES FOR ALL!

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