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Crowdsourcing: Have You Been To Croatia??

Hi friends. I'm currently trying to formulate some basic plans for my next Big Trip, which is going to be happening sometime in 2015. (Inane details, skip if you want — this year I have two trips planned. In June we are going on a yacht to Pagan Island. It's only a 5 day trip, $500 includes roundtrip, food, and drink! And in Sept/Oct I am returning to California for my SIL's wedding, and possibly two surgeries. So my 2014 trip quota is sadly already committed.)

I really want to do a wine trip, that is, a trip to somewhere amazing that is focused around discovering amazing new wine country and hopefully trying some fantastic new wines. I tend to prefer off-the-beaten-path wine country, so France/Italy is out.

At this early point, I'm considering doing a Greece-Croatia trip. Amazing destinations, absolutely stunning, lots of cool things to see, and apparently some great wine! Plus in Croatia there are wine tours by boat...DROOL.


I've got plenty of friends who have spent time in Greece, but nobody I know has been to Croatia. Has anyone here spent any time there, any thoughts, tips, warnings, does the wine actually suck, etc? Any info at all would be much appreciated.

ETA: HOLY CRAP. I looked up flights and they cost $11,000 from Saipan!! ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS I CANNOT EVEN. Looks like I'll be flying home to California, and then booking a separate flight from there...........

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