We found out we are having a boy and I have NO IDEA what to name him. None. We had multiple wonderful girl names ready to go, but a boy it is.

Problem 1 is that I teach. Many names are no-go because I either 1) have a current or recent student with that name or 2) someone who made my life a living hell had that name and I just can't look at it the same way. Problem 2 is that I have a lot of cousins who have already used a lot of names I'd consider. Problem 3 is that I'm a fussy pain in the butt who hates a lot of boys' names.

So here are my stipulations:

1. Anything Caden-Brayden-Jayden-Ayden what have you is off the list forever and always.


2. I want to avoid anything TOO popular

3. ETA: my last name has more than two syllables, so the first name shouldn't be exceptionally long to say


4. Bonus points for literary or historical names or old-fashioned names

5. More ETA! I'm not ruling out any particular letter, but I don't really like names that start with hard C or K sounds (like Kyle, etc).


Help me, GT, or this kid will have no name. Or, just tell me your favorite boy names.