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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Crowdsourcing? In Need of Suggestions

Hello ladies, gentlemen, and cats. My household is in need of help finding a good enough vacuum. We’ve gone through maybe four in the past five years. They’ve all been under $90 and they broke in different ways, including my bunny having some weird friendship with it and licking the dust off it and chewing the cords of every single one.

Anyway, our last vacuum just broke. It wont suck up anything. I’m hoping someone here has some suggestions. Anything under $200 would be nice. We seriously need one that will work* for more than a year and a half.


*It needs to suck up bunny hair. Buns hates getting brushed and sheds like crazy every few months. Now that I think of it, if anyone knows of a good brush for bunnies that would be great. Mine seriously attacks his brush, boxes it, bites it, lunges for it.

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