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Crowdsourcing Kijiji/Craigslist ticket etiquette?

Warning: This post is inane.

I tried to buy some Bruno Mars concert tickets when they went on sale this morning. Frantically. THE WEBSITE FAILED ME. The concert I've been looking forward to for a year is now sold out. I am destroyed.


"Secondary" ticketing sources (fuck you, you vultures) are insanely expensive, hours after the tickets went on sale in the first place. Like, selling $50 tickets for $240 plus tax and a $50 service fee. Wowww. I have to pay for both up front as my partner is unemployed and I am so not going alone to this.

So I ran to Kijiji (I don't know if they have that everywhere - it's like Craigslist?). And because I was emailing frantically I ended up committing myself to two different people! One person is selling me two tickets for the 2nd level (pretty good seats), the other person is selling me two tickets for nosebleed upper bowl seats. Both are charging face value ($115 per ticket and $55 respectively). I have to wait for both to receive hard tickets before we can finish the transactions.

Advice? Should I buy both (I can afford to do that for now, but only if I can unload a pair later) because I committed to it? Should I cancel the worse seats? But what if the other girl realizes she can sell them for three times as much! Should I see who has them available first and bail on the other person? AH!

I am leaning towards buying both sets of tickets, just because both women were super nice in the emails and I don't want to screw them over, but I am usually way nicer than I need to be with these things, so I thought I'd come here and ask for advice. This is SO INANE I KNOW but I am so stressed about it. The concert sold out in less than an hour, but I haven't scalped tickets before and don't know if $55 nosebleed seats for sold out concerts will still get picked up by someone at a later date.


Thoughts? Advice? Have you sold tickets before?

Wow, thanks for making it this far! Here's some Moonshine for ya.

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