Going to a doctor takes time and money and who has either of those things to spare, AMIRITE? SO. GROUPTHINKERS. You shall collectively act as my doctor today. Here's the issue:

I woke up the other day and was like "Huh, my finger is vaguely painful, that's weird but I didn't do anything to it so ok," and carried on with my morning... UNTIL I leaned on the kitchen counter/put some weight on this wonky finger's hand and was all "AAAAHHHHHHHHH SUDDEN EXTREME PAIN WTF." I look at my finger... it looks totally normal. I can't recall having done anything to injure it. I Google whether or not one's finger can be broken with no swelling or bruising (Google says no). Since the finger feels basically ok when I don't put any pressure on it I decide that I'm just going to ignore it until it goes away on its own (my usual course of action for minor medical dilemmas. Shut up, I know, that's bad. One time I ignored a potential concussion until it went away, I'm terrible).

So fast forward to this morning... suddenly, without warning, finger IS swollen. And considerably more painful to touch/difficult to bend than it has been in past days. But like... I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO IT. WTF, MAGICAL MYSTERY FINGER INJURY. It's still obviously not a major problem (just kind of annoying to avoid using my middle finger at all times... typing this was... interesting...) but like... wut. It's still not bruised or anything, just swollen. Has anyone here had any similar issues with weird, inexplicable pain/belated swelling? I am stumped, you guise :/

P.S. I Googled "finger boo boo" to find a funny accompanying image for you all... and this is what I ended up with: