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Crowdsourcing my life

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Dear lovely GTer’s, I am in need of assistance with my life. As you may know (since it’s the only thing I’ve talked about lately), I have a lot going on. I’m getting things ready for the wedding shindig and trying to get all the stuff together for living overseas. I’m also now living in a new area and it’s all a bit overwhelming at times.


I have a lot of things I need/would like to get done while I’m here but without spending hours of my valuable time researching, I’m a bit stuck. I’m hoping either some people in the DC metro area or anyone with online resources can lend me their vast knowledge to steer me in a good direction!

So here goes my list:
-I need to get my eye brows shaped. I’ve never had this done, but I am in need of professional help to be An Adult. I am also scared I will end up with eye brows that are too thin or none at all. Does anyone know a great place in the DC area to get this done? I’m sure there are a million.


-I need to revamp my wardrobe, but I am a bit style challenged. I’m going from working at home/working at casual events for my whole career to working in an environment that ranges from business formal to business casual. I’d like to get some good sets of work clothes that can be mixed and matched, some things that can be worn in really hot weather, and a better casual wardrobe that makes me look like I can dress myself in more than plan colors. I’m not completely style challenged, but I can’t accessorize to save my life. Does anyone have any tips/ideas/places to go to help me with this?

-How much toilet paper do you think a person would use in say.... 2 years? JK.... but no really, this is something I’m attempting to figure out with scientific experiments.


-Should I do a ‘first look’ photo session with the hubs before the ceremony so I can attend part of the cocktail hour or do all my photos during that time? Or maybe try to cut it in half?

-I get to pick a signature drink for the open bar.... Ideas welcome.

I’m sure there will be more coming, but that’s all for now. Thank you lovely people!

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