Since I moved to Pakistan in August, one of the things I've missed most about home were my pets. There aren't really animal shelters in this city, so I couldn't volunteer to work in one (I used to do foster work). I've tried volunteering with the lone animal charity I found, but was met with radio silence.

However, in the forums for the Unnamed NGO, people would often post about finding stray puppies or kittens. I've been able to offer advice, which was about all, until a last week when a woman local to me mentioned she had found two kittens near their dead mother, she couldn't keep them because of her father's allergies, and could anyone take them in?

So here they are. They are about a month old and in decent health. Both are boys. They're adorable. Just tiny and adorable.

And we can't decide on names for them. So I'm bringing it to you, friends, for your help in giving these poor cats names.

My husband has already shot down my suggestions of The Thin White Duke and Aladdin Sane (I'm a Bowie fan), and I'm not crazy about his offers of Joxor and Trogdor.


Help give this baby a name: