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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Crowdsourcing Netflix Recommendations!

Edit: Thanks for all the awesome ideas! Y'all are the best. I finally decided on Bones, with some handy help from my RL friends on facebook and my online friends on twitter. But I'm bookmarking this post for ideas to watch with Beau Vierge too!

I work from home quite often, and sometimes the work I do does not require tons of mind energy. So I binge watch Netflix.


In December, I primarily watched all of the cheesy holiday movies, which should give you a starting point for what I like. Favorites included Holiday in Handcuffs, The 12 Dates of Christmas, A Princess for Christmas, A Christmas Kiss, and The Mistle-Tones.

In the last few days, I caught up on the latest season of Shake It Up!, which is a Disney Channel show. I'm desperately hoping they update Good Luck, Charlie soon.


My previous binge was Chuck.

I'm watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine with Beau Vierge, and we're watching Star Trek: Voyager next. We previously watched Star Trek: The Next Generation.


I'm super-behind in Pretty Little Liars, but I've seen everything on Netflix. Their stupid Hulu+ rules are stupid.

I watch Glee and The Big Bang Theory every week. I desperately miss Smash. I've seen all of HIMYM that's available on Netflix.


As you can see, my interests are all over the place. The primary consideration in choosing a Netflix binge, however, is that it can't be as engrossing and plot-heavy as Star Trek because then I won't focus on my work AT ALL. Like, when Beau Vierge and I are hanging out, but I'm doing bloggy stuff, we can't watch Star Trek because I either miss important plot points or I don't get any blog work done.


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