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Crowdsourcing - Ok Outfit for the Honors Dinner?

I know I asked you all yesterday what I should wear to this honors dinner, and I got a ton of great advice! The general consensus seemed to be a dress and heels, and I think I have an outfit that may work...but I'm not sure. I grabbed the most "conservative" dress I owned. So basically this dress, with these boots (they fall about 3 inches under my knees), and this cat:


I'm also wearing opaque, black tights under the dress. Alternatively, I do own a pair of nude pumps. And then like 6" black heels but that just won't do. And some black flats and such if anything.

What do you all think? Still too casual? All my other dresses are kind of, like, summer-esque dresses. The sweater dress isn't my favorite dress that I own, but it's the...least slutty one, for lack of a better term. Everything else is a bit on the low-cut side.


Also, I am not THAT white. The flash on my camera apparently turned me into a ghost.

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