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Crowdsourcing - pain disorders

I do have a doctor's appointment. I just want to attack them with some food for thought since doctors tend to get tunnel vision and focus on the obvious, and everyone I know with something like fibromyalgia took a very long time to get diagnosed. I don't think I have fibromyalgia though.

So, last year I injured my knees. We said that was Crossfit, even though the trainer was very careful with me and only had me lift laughably low weights for Crossfit. But sure, that causes injuries. Physical therapy didn't help at all. Then something happened to my shoulder/neck that cannot be traced back to anything. Sorry dudes, it's not overhead lifting; I quit doing that well before the pain showed up. Same with swimming, which I wasn't even doing very much of. They told me shoulder tendinitis/impingement. Physical therapy didn't help at all. Then an orthopedic surgeon said she couldn't localize anything but felt that I didn't need to restrict my activities.

Then my back started hurting. Must be from all that sitting on the couch. My psychiatrist was a dear and gave me gabapentin for it. Helped immediately, and it was all gone in about 3 weeks. Didn't touch any of the other pain though. Then slowly crept back. I'm back to taking gabapentin with Aleve for it, it's helping, but of course not helping anything else.


Also a few months ago, I went back to running, knees be damned. No change in knee pain. A little better if anything. But now I have Achilles tendinitis. After changing shoes. That was it, I changed shoes, the shoes were less than ideal, 4 or 5 25 minute runs later I can barely run. In the middle of all that I got diagnosed with bunions. Yeah, my grandma had them. They're tiny. I've seen people with much worse, including my grandma. They hurt out of all proportion to their size. I've been staring at people's flip-flopped feet, and my foot shape is super common - all those women can't find the vast majority of shoes very painful, can they?

So, ok. DAMMIT. I'm 34. I'm not young, but not old either. I exercise, but FFS, I'm hardly an athlete. I run 2.5 miles 2-3 times a week, rock climb 1-2 times a week (the one thing that, knock on wood, hasn't hurt me), and do very cautious strength training once a week. I'm not training for a marathon here. I tried a very gentle yoga class a couple weeks ago and it killed my shoulder and back. Every injury (except the shoulder), can be traced back to something, but why is it happening so fast? Really, body, 3 runs in different shoes? One yoga class and back pain is back with a vengeance?

I don't meet the criteria for fibro, at least according to Dr. Wiki. Are there other pain disorders out there I haven't heard of? Autoimmune? Iron deficiency? Vitamin deficiency? Depression has been well controlled, so I don't think it's that.

I've gotten good at ignoring pain, but only to a point. The Achilles have sidelined the running. PT - guess what - not helping. I can no longer with this!

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