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Crowdsourcing: pimp my walking boot!

After more than a month of doctors throwing their hands up in confusion and no relief whatsoever, a doctor has finally listened to me, taken my ankle pain seriously even though nothing obvious was on the tests, and given me some answers. So now I get to rock this baby for a month:

It's even got an inflation feature just like the old Reebok Pumps!

It's going to make work difficult (my classroom is on the second floor, my school is not handicap accessible so there's no way to get there but via stairs, and the cafeteria's downstairs so someone will have to bring me my lunch and probably cover all my downstairs duties). I have no idea how to go about getting these accommodations (I feel like a whiny baby trying to get out of my job requirements but I honestly can't imagine going up and down the stairs multiple times a day in this thing), but that's for later.


In the meantime, I'm going down the rabbit hole of fashion covers and weather protection. This could be so much fun! Has anyone ever worn a fun cover? Did you get a different cover for it to protect it from the weather? Where did you find this and did you like it? What did you do about the bottom, did you get a cover for around the house to keep the ickiness out of your home? How about little socks for around the house? I live on the second floor of a hardwood-floored apartment, and I feel so bad for my neighbor who has to listen to me clunking around. I want to get some sort of sock-thing with grippy things on the bottom to soften my footfalls, but google has yielded nothing.



ETA: Also, since this is on my right foot, I can't drive with it on. What did you do? Did you like, keep it in the passenger side and slip it on in the parking lot? I have NO idea how this is going to play out....

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