So, I'd appreciate some input from those who either send their kids to private school or homeschool. Or if you have been homeschooled or went to private school. We just moved to a state with one of the lowest education/graduation levels in the country. The public school education here is terrible. It is all sports focused. Grown adults are obsessed with high school level athletics. And the literacy rates? Some of the worst in the country. They do this terrible thing where there are like 5-6 elementary schools that feed into centers when they reach middle school. There is a 6-7 grade center, a 8-9 grade center and so on. Class sizes (40 kids plus) are atrocious because it is being fed from 6 elementary schools when you get to the centers. The centers are run like prisons.

I am very against my daughter going to public school in the area we live in. So I am trying to figure out options for non-public school. Because maybe my husband and I will just have one kid because you can't send one to private school without sending the other.

My options:

1. Homeschool with montessori curriculum. The curriculum will put me back 1000-2000 per year but can be reused for the next kid. There are homeschool co-ops but most are religious. I am religious but I don't want all education curriculum to revolve around religion. Sunday school is there for a reason.

2. Put my daughter in catholic school and pay 4000 a year (YIKES). And tuition is always rising. I'd probably be one and done then. And then for high school, have her do dual enrollment at the community college.

3. Go back to school to get my teaching license and work at a private school so I can afford to send both kids to it.

I know it is early to freak out about this but I feel like my entire life and what I am going to do with it is revolved around my daughters and my future child's schooling. And if we are going to have another kid.


Thanks for reading this in advance!