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Is it normal/standard/acceptable to leave your everyday toiletries (contact stuff, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand soap) on the sink (on one side, so not an issue of sharing space equally) you share with one other roommate, or is it normal/standard to put it in the medicine cabinet above the sink?

New (assigned) roommate (in graduate housing) is asking that I store them above the sink and take it down every day. There is plenty of room for both people to have the basics on their "side" of the sink. (This is what the previous roommate and I did). I thought this was pretty standard.


Not that it matters, but I've always been the cleaner roommate among the nine women I've lived since leaving home, and I always just cleaned shit when it was dirty, and if I needed to move stuff to clean under it, I did, but then just put it back where it was before. The new roommate (and her mother - we're both 25) move my stuff without asking to new places A LOT while cleaning, which is a bit of a headache. And I'm honestly one of the cleanest people I know in my age bracket - I do the floors, countertops, bath, etc. thoroughly every two weeks. I keep common areas free of personal clutter. Weird to be in the position of the "messy" one.

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