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Chips and salsa are one of my favorite snacks. But lately, every salsa I try is extremely disappointing. I've tried several brands from your standard grocery and they all just taste like sweet tomato sauce with some cilantro thrown in. I can't remember ever having this problem before, so maybe my tastes are changing?


Help me! I need a delicious spicy-but-not-too-spicy and flavorful red salsa to eat with my Juanita's (the best grocery store tortilla chips known to man, FACT). What's your favorite? What kind do I HAVE to try? Also don't tell me to make my own because as cool as that sounds, I would rather pay for a product superior to one I could make.

Also, BONUS CONTENT! In my search for salsa pictures, I somehow came across this CRAZY OFFENSIVE clip of a segment from D12's "My Band" video. I remember this song but don't ever remember seeing the video. Not that I would really expect any better from something Eminem is involved in but still EW. So if you don't wanna talk about salsa, you can talk about how uncool this is.

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