Thank you, to everyone who searched, shared empathy, and submitted finds. Because I am wary, I ordered 3 different shirts. None of them have the French cuff. :(

Once they arrive, I will give you all a review!

I selected:

From Land's End - issues: not 100% cotton, not fitted

From Dillards - issues: "tailored" but not fitted, expensive!, and has that dumb little logo on the chest (white on white not terribly visible, but still)


and finally.....

From Lane Bryant - issues: might be TOO long

How hard is it to find a plain, well-made, fitted, white button-up shirt? Damn near impossible if you are plus sized.


I have searched over 30 websites/stores for this unicorn. Please help!

The requirements:

White, fitted, long sleeved, cotton (no iron preferred), 27" to 29" long, size 20, French cuff (preferred but not a deal breaker) up to $100


I've found several "close but not quite" options. Anyone willing to join the hunt?

The link below shows what I am looking for - except it is 4" too short. :(