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Crowdsourcing - Tablet or Laptop?

First world problems GALORE. You ready?

So, I have a tablet, but I really don't enjoy it. It's a Toshiba Thrive tablet and while it's quite nice, it's a bit cumbersome and heavy. It's also an Android and running...Jellybean? And I'm quite over the Android platform at this point in time.

However, my laptop is dead. Well, not quite dead. The hard drive is fine but the screen is completely shot. I've been using mom's laptop for the time being and was planning on getting a new laptop in the near future as we have the money from the house sale now.


But now I'm thinking maybe I should just get a new tablet as opposed to a new laptop. I do have a desktop computer, and once I move and have my room back I will be using it significantly more (it's in my room now, and I don't like to be on it while mom is sleeping because the light wakes her up). And I've never actually brought my laptop anywhere with me, so it always might as well have been a desktop as I hated carrying it. I would actually need something that's portable, too.

Thoughts? Opinions? Brands I should be looking at for laptops or tablets? I'd prefer not to spend over $500 on either (and less is of course awesome!) but if it's super duper worth it, I would potentially check out something more expensive. But whatever I buy has to last because I'm not made of money, and I'm not throwing $500 into a piece of technology that will give out in a year or two (like my laptop did. Fucking HP).

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