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Crowdsourcing: taking expired meds?

I'm housesitting for my friend, and whether it's the different animals from what I'm used to, the humid-as-hell weather, or simply the oh-so-fresh air of dear old Cook County (we're in spitting distance of O'Hare Airport), I woke up This morning and my chest is tight and breathing is not so easy.

Naturally, the only allergy medicine I can finD here is BenadAryl, and I'd rather not be unconscious the rest of the day. I found 4 ClaritiN tablets in my backpack, but they expired in 2009. So... take 5 year old Claritin, or drag my ass down to Walgreens And get new? Also, I only haVe $8. Can I even get allergy meds for under $8?


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