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Crowdsourcing these things

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The adorable baby that I sit is outgrowing his moving radius of blankets on a hard wood floor. As I may have said in the past, the couple is involved in the performing arts here in Chicago and at times struggle to make ends meet. The baby was definitely unexpected but is AMAZING. So is the mom. Strong woman that we'd be happy to have here in GT.


She needs these things. The interlocking foam squares that you can use to cover a floor. I'm not asking for money but if anyone has some of these that you're no longer using, I'd love to set up some kind of exchange. You send them here, I send you felt flowers, Sephora hair and skin product and perfume samples (not samples of hair and skin), handmade cat toys, etc.

She's going to do some searching online and in some informal groups (I recommended freecycle and another friend suggested a mommy group). But if you're interested in bartering or just getting rid of these to an awesome mom, let me know here or e-mail me at kbarrick @ gmail.com. (cost of shipping could be covered)

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