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Hey y'all! So my little sis is getting married in December. She and her fiance aren't religious, but my parents (who are paying for the whole thing) are. They are having some difficulties on coming up with things for the ceremony that are a compromise between tradition (parents) and wanting to get on with the party (sister). I, as the eldest child, am performing my usual role as communicative go-between.

Things my sister does not want: flowers, live music (especially performances by family members), hymns, Bible readings


Unfortunately, these are all things my parents think of as standard wedding components. Do any of you GTers have experience with this sort of thing? Or recommendations for things to happen during the ceremony that are meaningful but not sappy/too overtly religious?

I have suggested they have some sort of literary reading. Candle ceremonies are out, as the venue doesn't allow open flame.

(ETA this attention-grabbing photo of some cats getting married)

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