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My fiance and I decided we are going to take an awesome vacation this summer.

We both got our W-2's back and we realized how well we did this past year. All we do is work. All. The. Time. His plant is getting a 2 week re-tooling shutdown the first of July, and I will take a few vacation days.

We're considering two options. 1. A 3 day Bahama cruise. 2. A 5 Day vacation in San Francisco (he has family there, I've never seen the Pacific).


I looked up costs for everything we would need to get to both options (flights, food, hotels, ect) and they are gonna cost about the same. I think a cruise would be awesome if it went well, but with all the horror stories on the news I'm kind of nervous to spend the money.

Have any of you ever been on a cruise? If so which line did you take and was it worth the money? PLEASE TELL ME!

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