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Cruising Listicle-Also What did I Miss

What up GT? I was gone a week, on a cruise and just got back today. Anything good happen? Anything bad happen? Let me know if there's a must read of the week. Here or on the MP.

So I just got back from my first cruise we sailed from NJ to The Bahamas and back. We lost the beach day in the Bahamas because of bad weather :( however since I know there was snow in many parts I feel like this is a princess problem. Ugh I really wish I was in the headspace to write something intelligent in regards to traveling with another couple. I will say it went well, we still like each other but wow can that get stressful. In no particular order are my thoughts


-the food. You hear the jokes about food on cruises but holy crap you really do eat all the time. Even at sit-down dinner they will just keep bringing you food. The Geekboy had 5 lobster tails one night. It was insane.

-Bring a good moisturizer you will be using hand sanitizer all the time. Not because things are gross but its help prevent illness in an enclosed space. See the Norovirus debacle from a couple months ago.


-8 Pina-Coladas in 4 hours is not a good idea anymore.

-People are very judgey when you have motion-sickness on your first cruise.

-It is okay to play a board game for a few hours to unwind.

-The pool had salt-water and chlorine. Your hair will need to be washed a million times to feel normal.


-Casinos take all your money on land, why did you think a boat would be different?

-Don't pack your bathing suit wet.

-You will end up running into the chatty girl from breakfast for the rest of day. She will spot you.


-You will pack a million outfits and stick to the 3 that are most comfortable for dinner. The Geekboy will tell you look sexy. While you're wearing a dress you borrowed from his sister.

-You will not bring enough warm clothes if you vacation at a very volatile time of year.


-Karaoke is the place to be. Even if you're just watching like I did.

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