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Crushes that everyone else finds odd

I am totally known for my allegedly odd crushes. Often people say "You like him?" I don't think they are odd, these people are totally hot for a variety of different reasons. I've liked some of these people since I was an awkward young teen.

In order of hotness: Lance Henriksen. AKA Bishop from Aliens, he is fantastic in everything. Pumpkinhead, Jennifer 8, Hard Target, Powder, even the horrible like B movie baby blue I watched. He has a huge range of characters and the most expressive and fantastic face in all of creation.


Christopher Walken. I will watch anything he's in, and he dances, what is there not to like?

Being Canadian, I have to have a CBC crush, it's just something every Canadian has:

Dr. Brian Goldman, host of White Coat Black Art always so sweet and awkward on CBC radio. This one is new, originally it'd be a cast member of Road to Avonlea


And for fictional characters, I totally have the hots for Khadgar in World of Warcraft. My character tries to emote "I love you" but it seems like you can't target him so it just says "Not Bad says I love you into the wind."


Honourable mentions: Dr. Gregory House (yup not Hugh Laurie), Numair Salmalin (Tamora Pierce character), Alfred Molina, Jake Abel, Peter Dinklage, Peter Weller,


So what crushes have you been criticized for?

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