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Cruz just doesn't know how to not be blatantly evil, does he?

Cruz trying to drum up support by accusing voters of “voting violations” in a mailer. Naturally, the Iowa Secretary of State is not happy with Cruz for making up the idea that the Secretary of State’s office grades voters based on how much they participate, along with the other lies.

Cruz’s campaign, of course, thinks the real problem is that the Secretary of State voiced opposition - because that’s the state singling out an individual candidate. Not, apparently, an individual campaign being grossly horrible and rightfully getting called on it.

It is unclear as to whether there will be any consequences for the Cruz campaign in the final days before Monday’s caucus. And the Iowa Campaign Ethics and Disclosure Board has not returned a request for comment.

Cruz’s communications director Rick Tyler pushed back against the criticism, using the same language from the Secretary of State against him.

“Having the sitting governor and the Secretary of State issue politically motivated statements directed at one candidate is unprecedented and not in the spirit of the Iowa Caucuses,” Tyler said in an emailed statement to The Daily Beast.


Cruz looking at voters like this and wondering why they aren’t finding him sexy.

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