Ok, just to make this clear upfront: this is for a personal project that is incredibly important to me, but I have very little to spend in terms of payment and need it fast (I know, the absolute BEST parameters for a project, right?), so I implore anyone interested to MAKE SURE it will not interfere with better paying work. If someone can help, GREAT! But if not, I'll figure out a workaround.

A little about the project:

Not ready to give full details yet, but I need help doing a minimalist, Star Trek themed recruitment poster for my project, similar to something like this:

I am not a designer, so I am not sure how difficult it is or how long it will take, which is part of the reason why I need help and guidance.

If you have the time, please email me at smithwellette@gmail.com, and I can give you more details.

THANK YOU GT-VERSE! You guise are freaking awesome, and I'm so glad we have such a varied community of talented people. I'm just sorry I can't pay the going rate for your work right now =/ I can, however, ply you with food and cat pictures, in addition to how much I can spend for the work.