Today I was studying in the student center, trying to mind my own business, but there was a large TV showing Katie Couric's new talk show. Today's show was about brains and memory and she had on a woman who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's when she was 46 years old. She and her family had a bucket list of things they wanted to do while they still could and Katie told her they were making two of those things happen. My eyes started to water immediately. Mind you, I was BARELY paying attention to the TV at all and this MADE ME CRY. IN PUBLIC.

Another strange place I have cried? The elliptical machine at the gym. It has happened more than once. I can't remember every instance, but I remember the first time. One of the TVs was playing the movie "Just Married." It was towards the end of the movie and there were just all these emotions and I had all the feels. I had NEVER SEEN the movie and I was not even listening to it. I don't even remember if there were subtitles or if I just got the gist of what was happening. I had only been at the gym maybe 5 minutes when this happened too.

Anyone else have weird crying stories?