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Crying over the West Wing

I guess the emotions of the past week have finally got to me. I'm doing some paperwork and have The West Wing on in the background. It's near the end of season three, "Enemies Foreign and Domestic," which is one of the episodes that gets the balance of humor and seriousness just right. You might remember it for introducing sexy Don Harmon to the cast.

Charlie receives a letter from a 9 year old named Alan Tatum who met the President on the campaign trail. He tracks down Tatum— who turns out to be a man now retired from The Spirit of St. Louis (cue the tears) who had written to Roosevelt —and arranges a picture with Bartlett. While he's having a picture taken with the President, Tatem says "I'd like my picture taken with that young man, if you don't mind," clearly so proud to see someone like Charlie in the White House. The President recedes into the background as the camera focuses on the interactions between Charlie and Mr. Tatem. The photography is beautiful.

It's just such sweet scene. Three generations of hard-working black men, a black photographer, of a few episodes where a black character is a substitute father for Charlie. Makes me remember those days when we thought Charlie Young and Admiral Fitzwallace were as close as black people could get to the Oval Office.


I don't know. I'm just rambling. Beyond enraged at events in Ferguson and just really very sad that clearly some people only see criminals and welfare queens when they look at black people.

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