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CU Boulder Rapist Punished with $75, 8-Month Suspension, & Essay

The University of Colorado at Boulder is under federal investigation for finding a student guilty of "non-consensual sexual intercourse" with another student and only giving him an eight month suspension, a $75 code of conduct fee, and a 5-7 page essay "reflecting on his experience". They also took FOUR WEEKS to remove him from campus even though he was ordered to have no contact with the woman he assaulted, Sarah Gilchriese. She was forced to get a restraining order from the courts to prevent his return to the university while she is still enrolled.

"I think it's bullshit," Gilchriese declared. "Basically, I had to do the dirty work that the university couldn't do, and ensure my future safety and mental health by barring him from ever coming back to my university."

Gilchriese filed a complaint that the university was in violation of Title IX, a federal law that protects students from exclusion or discrimination of federal law. She has given up her privacy in order to fight the school's ruling and says that she wants to "bring [the situation] to light".

"My hope," Gilchriese said, "is that they change policies so all other victims past and present can be protected and not have to relive their trauma every day."


Edit: The original post was changed because it erroneously stated that Sarah Gilchriese was associated with Know Your IX.

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