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Cubic zirconia of the South

Congratulations, North Carolinians! We have taken another step toward being the worst state in the union. We're already 46th in teacher pay, and 47th in per pupil spending in education. We have passed one of the most comprehensive, racist voter ID laws in the country. We have the 3rd highest unemployment rate in the entire country. We even had a law called the Racial Justice Act repealed, a law that merely allowed someone on death row to apply to ask that their sentence be commuted to life in prison if they could demonstrate that racism was a key factor in their death sentence. What else can we do to soil our formerly good name?

They're trying to make our state a regressive tax state. Even the Washington Post has noticed! There is a proposal to eliminate the state's income tax and introduce "consumption-based taxes." These are, of course, only designed to soak the poor. This comes after another "soak the poor" law passed recently, and we can only hope that it will be deemed unconstitutional as it was in FL. Even our deplorable governor who no one likes vetoed that law, but our nearly-demonic bicameral legislature resurrected that bill and overrode the veto.


Protests have not been effective. Our legislators don't actually care if we're protesting, or why. They got into office and there they'll stay, breaking down every single shred of progress that has been made in this state in the last sixty years.

Before I hear another chorus of "LOL YOU VOTED FOR IT LOSERS YOUR STATE SHOULD BE EJECTED FROM THE USA," I will remind you that more than half of our state's citizens do not approve of what our legislators are doing, and the same goes for the governor. These were not promises that were ever brought up in the elections these liars won. They promised jobs, but instead of economic stimulus, they gutted citizens' rights and public education while simultaneously passing Bush-style tax cuts for the rich and raising taxes on the poor and middle classes. This is not "fiscal conservatism" and it's not "small government." We are now a leader in the United States of ALEC, and there's not much we citizens can do about it, unless of course we run large corporations.

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