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Culling a TBR List

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Inspired by this Book Riot article, I decided look at my Want To Read list on Goodreads, which was out of control at over 400 books. And now it’s down to 238! Which is still ridiculous and some of the books I took off the list are ones that I’ve bought but haven’t read yet... And some of them are books that are still in a mental TBR list but I didn’t feel I needed them marked on Goodreads...


But still! It helped me get rid of books that some ideal version of me might read but that the real me never will, or books that I’m just not that into anymore, or books that all sound the same (I probably don’t need to read every single novel about a young woman who discovers a family secret or goes through a trauma and ends up on a globe-spanning journey to discover who she really is.)

How do you guys keep your TBRs under control? If you look at your TBR what types of books or themes would you see over and over again?    

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