So tonight my husband and I took our daughter to see Totem, a traveling show from Cirque du Soleil. This was probably the 10th show by them I have seen, but the very first for Little Nobody, so we were really excited. Unfortunately, the show used a lot of Native American imagery, including costuming, symbols, hoop dancers in native-ish costumes, a set of roller-skaters who appeared to be of Asian descent but wore very "Pseudo Native, halloween style, slutty Indian" costumes. There were also performers dressed in stereo typical African tribal costumes, and a very offensive caricature of an Italian man in the form of one of their clowns. While the show was as breathtaking as always, this was the first time I have ever come away feeling very uncomfortable with the way the different cultures were portrayed/stolen from. I wish that the girl's first Cirque had been one of the more fantastical themes, rather than this one.