I am shocked at the number of women who are calling out a 13 year old girl being just NEAR a shirtless man (who is a family friend) as inappropriate. No one wants to examine why they think that, why that's their snap judgement.

Here's what I have to say to everyone who think a fully clothed (not that it even matters that much) 13 year old girl shouldn't be NEAR a man:

It is totally possible for younger kids to have older friends and relatives who hang out. By saying to a 13 year old girl "You shouldn't hang out with older men," you're directly implying that all interactions between that girl and men are sexualized. That doesn't need to be, and should NOT be, the case.

When we, as a culture, determine that young women and girls are in sexual situations or doing sexual things or EVEN HAVE THE POSSIBILITY OF DOING SEXUAL THINGS when they're clearly not ... that is sexualizing those girls. And if we, as a culture, argue that young women can't help it โ€” that they're sexualized regardless by men and therefore shouldn't put themselves in those "situations," then we're saying young women are both responsible for their sexuality AND have no sexual agency!


This needs to be longer and better thought out and possibly written by a superior writer ... but just ... NO.