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Curious: How often do you compromise in your relationship when it comes to doing things you don't want to do?

I've recently been a bit annoyed at my boyfriend because almost every weekend he has some random cousin or friend from college coming to town who we have to go hang out with. Or his parents come (who I love, but they're tiring to be around, very proper) and we have to see them.

I work long/stressful hours and I travel for work (at a very socially demanding job), so weekends are my down time. I also have a lot of anxiety around meeting new people/small talk, so each time I have to go to one of these things it takes away from my ability to relax. I'm fine doing it once in awhile, but lately these things are coming up once or twice a weekend. Last night, I was finally like "I cant take this anymore!" And he is mad at me and is saying that these people are important to him and I should want to see them.


The thing is, neither he nor I could think of one thing I had made him do that he didn't want to do. I have a small family who doesn't visit, and I usually try to pick stuff to do that we will both enjoy.

What do you guys think? How do you compromise for this type of stuff in your relationship?

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