On the heels of BostonAfrorican's transitioning post: Anybody got advice on defining natural curls?

I like my curl pattern, I don't want to change it- but I have a really thick head of hair that sucks up moisture so by the time I hop out of the shower my hair is starting to dry and frizz, and any touching makes it frizz more.

Currently I'm using a mix of cocoa butter and leave-in conditioner, (lazily) shingling it into my hair, and then scrunching curl moussse or spraying curl gel into it. By that time it's halfway dry. But my mousse is gone and my gel isn't doing much so I was wondering if any of you lovely natural peeps have ideas on how to define my hair without braiding and with minimal fuss.

ETA: I've got thick, wiry, 3b/c hair with 3c/4a in the back. I'm mostly natural with maybe 3-4 inches of relaxed left, and my hair goes about to my shoulders when curly (depending on the frizz factor, of course)